You are currently viewing Take the quiz to see what type of Yogi you are? Or what type of Yoga suits you!?<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Take the quiz to see what type of Yogi you are? Or what type of Yoga suits you!?1 min read

Do you want to go to a yoga lesson, but the thought of a sweaty yogi next to you keeps you in the gym where your personal space is more protected? Or, you do know that doing yoga regularly will be good for you, but you do like a vigorous aerobic workout and all the yoga classes you’ve seen look too slow?

How can you find a practice of yoga that suits your personal preferences, abilities and quirks?

Take this quiz to find the yoga style which suits to your unique personality.

They are inviting you to a party tonight. You:

At work, the boss asks you to take on a very important last-minute task. You:

A friend calls you on Friday morning and tells you without warning that he will be in town for the weekend. You:

Your ideal vacation is:

Your favourite weekend activity is:

Take the quiz to see what type of Yogi you are? Or what type of Yoga suits you!?
You are a Social Butterfly!

You love being stimulated, you enjoy the attention and thrive when you feel connected to others. Try an Anusara class, where students often present exercises and a strong sense of community is cultivated among students, or a Kundalini class, which also highlights the sense of interconnection between you and the world in general. Or, try a non- traditional form of yoga like face yoga or laugher yoga - two non-traditional forms of yoga that require a playful personality.
You are a Free Spirit!

You love spontaneity and you creatively express yourself. You hate people telling you what to do or to be committed to a routine. Try a Vinyasa class (also known as power yoga or flow yoga) which are creatively choreographed classes, generally accompanied with a nice music playlist. Or, work your resistance to anything structured by taking Ashtanga or Bikram classes, which follow the same sequence of poses every time.
You are Neat Freak!

You want everything to be "just like that" - whether it's about how your office is at work, how your CDs are organized, or what you wear. An Iyengar class, which focuses on the precision and the meticulous use of several props, will satisfy your perfectionist nature. An Ashtanga and Bikram class is another good choice, because they follow the same sequence of exercises and you will have many opportunities to improve your technique. If Bikram does involve a lot of sweat for you, try a restorative class.
You are Totally Exhausted!

Whatever the main features of your personality are, they are drowned out by your need to rest, relax, and relieve stress. Take steps to feel your true self again by taking part in quieter yoga classes that show you how to consciously relax. Good choices are a deep relaxing restorative yoga class or a yin yoga class. Or a gentle class, with slow movements & flow like Kripalu or Sivananda yoga class. Or a class that increases concentration with particular attention to alignment.
You're a Firework!

You always do something and there is no list that is too long to deal with. You thrive when there is a challenge and you are always ready for a new adventure. Try a bold yoga style like Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, to use to your advantage your high energy levels and your appeal to the heat. Alternatively, to work on the harsh nature of your character, try a quiet restorative or yin class or a class that increases concentration like Iyengar.

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