Welcome! At Yoga Mala we offer classes for Every Body. The courses are designed for all levels and ages. From beginner to more challenging classes for experienced yogis.

No-one should feel intimidated to join any of our classes. Unless specified, our classes are open to all levels of experience. Work at your own pace.

Yoga works for everybody. Regardless of your physical condition, flexibility, strength or weight, come and learn this alternative way of life with us.

The goal is to treat the body and spirit, having as a philosophy the uniqueness of each practitioner.

Why Choose Yoga?

When exercising in body postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, the body, the mind and the spirit acquire in-depth health and harmony. Yoga coordinates you to be relaxed but also in a good physical condition. This is enough for many as an answer.

Specific research conducted at the National Institute of Health and the Mayo Clinic in the United States have shown that yoga helps with control or restrains the following: anxiety, worry, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, depression, back pain, blood pressure, headaches, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, and several other diseases. What else does yoga do?

Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and endurance. Reduces stress and tension. It strengthens self-esteem. It improves concentration and creativity. Reduces fat accumulation. It improves blood circulation. It tones the immune system. It creates a sense of well-being and tranquillity.

It is also important to mention that for those who are involved in dance, theatre, sports, etc. it is recognised as the most appropriate supplemental exercise because the body gains strength and endurance through stability, muscles and joints “open” with stretching, the vital energy becomes manageable through the breath and the mind gains more ease in concentration. Yoga has many benefits – internally, mentally and spiritually. Yoga can offer different things to different people. It depends on why you choose to engage in yoga and how much you integrate it into your life.

From yoga you can choose from the following or all of the following:

  1. Excellent physical fitness program, including stretching, strengthening, and spinal extension to properly align the vertebrae and the entire body in general.
  2. Breathing and relaxation techniques that lower blood pressure, improve the health of the heart and vessels, increase lung capacity, release tension and pressure.
  3. Meditation, to calm the mind, gain emotional balance, mental clarity, focus and concentration.
  4. Learning a philosophy, experiencing the release of emotional tension from our body through the practices of yoga, we become more aware of what is happening in our body and our mind. Many practitioners observe and experience during their practice their heart beat, the circulation of blood flowing to the vessels. An increased awareness of what is happening in our body is an expanded awareness of what is happening in our minds.
  5. Spiritual completeness, as we learn to awaken the observer within us, to meditate and to raise our awareness, there comes a moment when we realise that we are not just this body or just the mind. We are part of the Whole (Spirit, Vital Energy, Creator, Universal Dynamics) and the Whole is within us. When we realise this dimension, a horizon of true fullness opens in front of us.

Get what you need from yoga. For some, it’s just a lesson where they can do nice stretches and exercise their body well. For some others it is a way of life. Yoga is a union as we have mentioned elsewhere, it is the union of body, breath, mind, and spirit, is the union of our being with the universe that surrounds us.