What do I need to know…

  • Wait at least 2 hours from your last meal before you practice.
  • We arrive at least 10-15 minutes before each lesson. Late admission disturbs the balance of other practitioners.
  • Remove your shoes at the entrance, keep your voice low and switch off or lower your mobile phones.
  • Relaxation and calmness are the result of various factors.
  • We wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • In Mysore courses enter and leave the studio with due respect to the rest of the practitioners who have already started or who are still practising.
  • Avoid intense aromas, after shave, strong deodorants because during the practice they are boosted from the heat and are likely to create a problem in the breathing of other trainees.
  • Also moisturizing creams and lotions create slipperiness on the mat, making it difficult to practice.
  • In the led classes, do not leave studio during relaxation because you will disrupt the calmness and relaxation of your classmates. If, however, there is a serious reason to leave, inform the instructor at the beginning of the course.
  • Inform us if health issues that have arisen other than what you have already mentioned in your registration form.
  • Keep your course schedule steady so you can get more benefits out of it.
  • Distance yourself from everyday activities so you can focus internally.
  • Breathe deeply, let the breath deepen the asana experience.
  • Respect your body’s limits in every asana – be conscious of the point that you can stay firmly breathing deep.
  • Proceed with patience, understanding and awareness – our limits can change during practice and from lesson to lesson.
  • Find the balance and the sense of ease/comfort of every asana.
  • Awareness of breathing, awareness of thoughts and feelings during practice. If the mind wonders, we bring it back to our practice.

What I don’t need to do…

  • Force yourself into an asana.
  • Worry if you perform the asana perfectly, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Being critical of yourself.
  • Hurrying between asana.
  • Compare yourself with others.
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