Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga comes from a genealogy, of about five thousand years ago, comprising mainly wise teachers and gurus. It is considered one of the most dynamic forms of yoga, suitable for all, which, through the continuous flow and harmonising each motion with breath, creates a state of kinetic meditation that purifies body and spirit.

With an immediate and obvious benefit to the body, it is a kind that fits into the Western spirit, because well-established is established fast.

This dynamic type of yoga offers intense exercise, toning, balance and flexibility through a natural range of poses and breaths. Suitable for empowerment, relaxation, flexibility, slimming and concentration.

Through this natural flow of exercises, Ashtanga yoga is a highly energetic form whose therapeutic effects detoxify and align the body.

Through proper breathing, yoga oxygenates the blood, helping circulation and improves the brain function which maximizes clear thinking and creativity.

Yin Yoga

In the practice of Yin Yoga is placed on staying in asana(pose) for a long time, leading the body and mind into deep relaxation.

On the layer of body, Yin Yoga affects the connective tissues, restores & maintains the natural mobility of the joints, the spinal areas, pelvis and legs. Developing the flexibility of these areas and balancing the nervous system.

At the energy layer, the energy channels (acupuncture meridians) of the body are unlocked, achieving the free flow of energy (prana), giving wellness and emotional relaxation.

Vinyasa-Flow Yoga

The term Vinyasa means “synchronization of movement & breath”, as each breath corresponds literally to a physical movement. This technique is also called Vinyasa Flow or Flow because of the harmonic flow through which one moves from one asana to the other, which creates a harmony of movements that resembles a dance.

By synchronizing each breathe with each movement, this ancient yoga system generates great heat in the body, heats the blood, cleans and improves circulation. The improvement in circulation, relieves joint pain, strengthens the body, activates the body’s natural defences and eliminates toxins and internal organ disease, acting also as an anti-aging method.

The sweat produced by the heat of vinyasa yoga removes all the impurities and toxins from the body, offering a healthy, thin, and strong body. Through the rapid alternation of the poses, vinyasa yoga offers intense muscle strengthening, tightening and stimulation coupled with intense wellness.

Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for all levels and abilities.